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Annkio Briggs

Founder & President AGAPE Birth Rights Organization Spokesperson, Ijaw Republican Assembly




English, Kalabari, Igbo


Like a lot of Nigerians, Annkio Briggs has witnessed first-hand enough injustice in her beloved country to feel that she had no other choice but to rise up and do her part to contribute to a better Nigeria. She has acted on this motivation and done much more through her work in founding and managing the AGAPE Birth Rights Organization while also positioning herself as a spokesperson for the Ijaw people. “Everybody has the capacity to be good, even the best, so long as you aspire and keep working in that direction. It is all a matter of choice, and the choices we make in life are extremely powerful.”

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You must always be able to follow through with what is right, no matter how difficult it might seem.

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