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Dareen K. Almojil

Founder Muthalath




PhD in Molecular Ecology & Evolution

University of Cambridge


Arabic, English , French


From her first times out on a boat before she could even walk to diving to study sharks in Australia and the Seas around the Arabian Peninsula, Dareen K. Almojil has always had a special connection to the sea and a natural curiosity to know more about it. She wants to see education in Kuwait change to foster a love for science and discovery, and more youths taking up the sciences. Back in Kuwait after getting her PhD from Cambridge University, she’s exploring her options to grow professionally in the country. “Options may be limited,” she says with a smile, “but as I can join something, I can also create something new.”

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Doing and learning things that are not in books is good—it opens a door to working with the unknown rather than the known in science.

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