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Ferdinand Agu

Chairman of the Governing Council and Pro-Chancellor of the Federal University of Health Sciences




B.Arch. Hons.

University of Nigeria

Enugu Nigeria, 1983


Igbo, Swahili, English


Ferdinand Agu has lived a life of service and contribution to the common good. After working as Special Assistant to the President in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, he has taken on a new leadership role with the Federal University of Health Sciences. He encourages Nigerian youth to learn what they can from their elders and to discover their own unique joy in serving. “There are times when young people must break from the crowd and find themselves, and if they do it in an earnest spirit of seeking meaning, then they will become those leaders that we are looking for tomorrow.”

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If you can search for meaning in your actions, the likelihood of being drawn along by bad influences will be reduced.

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