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Lourdes Sarvide Álvarez-Icaza

CEO Fundación Humanista de Ayuda a Discapacitados - FHADI




Graduate in Montessori Education

Escuela Humanista Erich Fromm


Spanish, English


Lourdes Sarvide Álvarez-Icaza never imagined she would find herself devoted to supporting handicapped people. In fact, when she stepped in to work with Fundación Humanista de Ayuda a Discapacitados (FHADI), it was only supposed to be for a few months. However, she quickly fell in love with the mission, and continues to work with disabled Mexicans to this day. FHADI is all about giving these people the tools they need to be productive and regain their sense of life. “I love working in this organization, and you quickly realize that handicapped people have a whole lot of potential.”

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