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Rosanna Wong

Executive Director The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups


Hong Kong


PhD University of California Davis

U.S.A. 1996


English , Cantonese, Mandarin


 A sociologist by training, Rosanna Wong has served on the Legislative and Executive Councils and has spent her entire professional career with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, becoming its Executive Director and helping it grow into the biggest youth organisation in Hong Kong. But her work – helping young people and lobbying tirelessly to make sure they are heard – is not just a job; it’s a calling. “I’ve never been interested in big jobs and big salaries,” she says. “I’d rather learn to be humble. Give me the opportunity to serve and to give every day, and I’m happy.”

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When you give, you start seeing your value. When you see your value, you find the meaning of your existence.

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