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Shaima Al Zarooni

CEO International Humanitarian City


United Arab Emirates


Doctorate of Business Administration

University of Liverpool, UK


Arabic, English


H.E. Shaima Al Zarooni was naturally a bit nervous about being appointed CEO of the most expansive humanitarian hub on the planet at just 28 years of age. Yet, she has proven herself more than capable for the task, and her determination and joy to serve her country and its people makes her an important role model for young Emiratis. “If young people want to pursue working for the government, they should not do it for the prestige – they should do it for the passion. This is what keeps you inspired every day. So keep learning, keep reading, and as they say ‘the sky is the limit,’ but make sure that your feet are always rooted in the ground.”

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There is an element of this country that is not only high-rises and luxury and entertainment, and that’s the humanitarian side.

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