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Consuelo Morales Elizondo Sister Consuelo

Director CADHAC




Master in Human Rights

Latin American Social Sciences Institute (FLACSO)


Spanish, English


One time somebody told Consuelo Morales Elizondo Sister Consuelo that her parents did a good job naming her, because she offers so much comfort to people. And it’s true. She comforts the people who need it most. Why does she do it? Because she realized that human rights is the area in which you can truly unite faith and life. This is what led to her starting the human rights center CADHAC in Monterrey, and she is still working at it twenty-five years later. “Working to help make this world a better place is worth it. Even if you work to make small changes, the impact of your actions can be big.”

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I am convinced that truth and good actions can defeat lies and bad actions.

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