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First book on the American continent – Those Who Inspire Mexico

Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking state in the world, a country that has an amazing story and an extraordinary diversity of cultures. This is why we have chosen Mexico to be our first project in the Americas. Young people, aged between 14 and 30 years old, represent more than 30% of the population nationally and we aim to inspire them through more than 100 fascinating stories of Mexican people from all walks of life.


“Mexico is the first country on the American continent chosen to do a Those Who Inspire book. We chose Mexico because it is a very important country both regionally and globally and it has great potential and activism in the social sector,” explains Rocío Marfil, director of Those Who Inspire Mexico, in an interview.


Rocío Marfil is the director of Those Who Inspire Mexico and for one year and a half she has been discovering everything about Mexico and its people, bringing into the light future mentors for the Mexican youth, both famous and unknown personalities. All the people portrayed in the book can inspire and motivate Millennials to take risks, pursue their dreams and follow their passions.

Rocío Marfil, director of Those Who Inspire Mexico


Among more than 100 inspiring people portrayed in Those Who Inspire Mexico book, you will discover the story of the sculptor Javier Marín, the chef Marta Ortiz Chapa or the journalist Carmen Aristegui. All of them are creating projects that promote social support at all levels, they add value to the community and share their formula of pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals.



The book will be published in Spanish, the official language in Mexico, with a summary of each portrait in English. The full English version of the book will be available on our website where you can read the entire book collection of Those Who Inspire.


From the beginning of the project, the Ministry of Education has supported our initiative in Mexico and they will help us to distribute the Those Who Inspire Mexico book to the Millennials in the universities. Rocío Marfil highlights that, “The book will be distributed to all public universities in Mexico. Our mission is to inspire the Mexican students by means of the stories of other Mexicans who have achieved what they wanted and at the same time are giving back to society through their social and philanthropic work.”


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