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They Dare & We Like It

We are all concerned. Together against sexual violence.

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One Planet One Future is an ongoing artistic project under the Time Shrine Foundation.

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The College Tour is a TV series brought to you by Emmy-nominated and multi-award-winning producers.  The series tells the story of colleges and universities around the world.​ Each episode of The College Tour will focus on a single college or university. ​ From campus life, academics, housing, sports, activities, and much more… each student driven segment will give young people an inside look at what it’s truly like being a student at the featured college or university.

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IP Club

Welcome to the IP Club! We’ve created this space to allow all our Inspiring People around the world to connect with one another, to exchange views and to become a community. If you are an IP and want to get in touch with another IP, let us know and we can introduce you directly.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us