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Those Who Inspire Movement (TWI) continues strong in Mexico!

In this second edition on the country, you will discover many stories that we are happy to share with you. The 118 Mexicans we met will inspire you as they tell their life stories of success & struggles, of persistence, of empathy, of sharing & giving back, of not letting oneself be defeated, of motivation…


Who are the Mexican Inspiring People in this new edition? Entrepreneurs, businesspeople, public servants, athletes, artists, doctors, financiers, philanthropists. It’s all about sharing and helping university students who might want a mentor or an inspirational figure.


Do you want to know more about them? The entire book will soon be available online and you will be able to discover that for some, it is important to speak one’s mind; others believe that putting family first is a must; loyalty, transparency and honesty are values that many share and think are important; that one should never lose faith; one should always put education at center stage and the fight against gender inequality is everybody’s mind.


And because of this last topic, we wanted to give a great prominence to Mexican women, not only because they are fundamental for the development of the Mexican economy and society, but also because they are the perpetual example of empathy, sisterhood, and inspiration.


Once again, Mexico has shown us that it is a place where great stories are written and continue doing so, like the ones you are about to discover in this book. Stories of Mexicans who make a better world every day




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