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Forty-three Inspiring Guineans featured in our last publication

Guinea has an extraordinary treasure: a young and dynamic population which, strengthened by the challenges it has faced, looks to the future with optimism and passion. It should double by 2040, an asset in an aging world but also many challenges: making this human wealth a force for sustainable development, building for future generations a living environment in harmony with the most contemporary concerns in matters of environment, well-being and conviviality. Endowed with fertile land, considerable but still undervalued mining and water resources, Guinea could be the pioneer of a reinvented Africa, the laboratory of the Africa of tomorrow.


In our lasts publication, many of our Inspiring People told us that their love for the country did not prevent them from leaving, but they confessed to us that this love for their country had certainly persuaded them to return! All the inspiring Guineans we met showed an ambition for their country that is almost greater than their personal aspirations. They all want to share their success and experience with their community and compatriots while promoting Guinea and its human wealth whenever they can.


Intelligence and perseverance, curiosity and ingenuity, self-confidence and sense of sharing: the qualities best shared by the men and women we met in Guinea and who convinced us that its greatest fortune is its human capital. From business manager to talented weaver, from chef to writers, from morello cherry to footballer, the diversity of their backgrounds illustrates the diversity of possibilities in Guinea.

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