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Those Who Inspire Ghana – 10th book of TWI book collection

Last Friday, 7th of February 2020, we launched the 10th Those Who Inspire book in Accra: Those Who Inspire Ghana. Our global movement of inspiration spreads more and more on the African continent; with Those Who Inspire Ghana this 2020 and previously Those Who Inspire Nigeria in 2014.


Those Who Inspire team spent over one year discovering Ghana, its people, its regions, its culture and its youth. We are excited to offer Those Who Inspire Ghana to Ghana young generations thanks to our Inspiration Days (ID) and mentoring programmes in public universities, institutions and some private entities.


Those Who Inspire Ghana portrays 74 Inspiring Ghanaians from all walks of life. Local Inspiring People (IP), representing the diversity of Ghana, famous and unsung heroes, men and women from all walks of life who, by their initiatives and their actions, give body to their dreams, while contributing to the development of society. Just to name a few: professional boxer Azumah Nelson, music producer Michael Ossu Addo aka Sarkodie, tech entrepreneur Farida Bedwei, 13-year old DJ Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh aka DJ Switch Ghana and many more. The event was held at in Accra at Osu Castle under the patronage of the Office of the President.

Those Who Inspire Ghana with Elizabeth-Irene Baitie (left), Felicia Payin Marfo, Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh aka DJ Switch Ghana, Pilar Carrasco, Co-publisher Those Who Inspire Ghana (right) ©swagofafricanews

Following the launch event, TWI global movement started to organise Inspiration Days in collaboration with different organisations, universities and institutions and donations of the book Those Who Inspire Ghana.


The first Inspiration Day took place on Monday 10th of February in collaboration with UNFPA Ghana aiming to inspire, motivate and empower Ghanaian youth to dream big and to believe in themselves. The TWI mentoring session was opened by TWI co-founder Marlene Plomik inviting students attending the session to be curious and to dare to follow their dreams. And most importantly, she invited them to contact the IP/mentors that they can access via the book Those Who Inspire Ghana.


TWI co-founder Marlene Plomik sharing more about inspiration, passion and mentorship with the young students at UNFPA ©Those Who Inspire


The UNFPA & TWI Inspiration Day ©Those Who Inspire

The UNFPA & Those Who Inspire Inspiration Day continued with the inauguration of the second cohort of YoLe Fellows, 21 young and innovative leaders, comprising 14 girls and 7 boys to highlight UNFPA’s commitment to ensuring that the potentials of every young person are fulfilled. The interactive session took the form of ‘Human Library Corners’ where each IP mentored individually a group of mentees engaging them to answer crucial questions for their personal and professional fulfilment, such as choosing the right goals, building skills and experiences, finding and accepting opportunities, etc.


Among the Inspiring People and mentors portrayed in the book Those Who Inspire Ghana, students had the chance to meet and exchange with entrepreneur Sarah May Adetola, youngest pilot in Ghana Audrey Swatson, former kayayoo Teni Agana, CEO NEIP John Kumah and media, Eyram Tawia Co-Founder of Leti Arts, radio personality Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) and also artist Ibrahim Mahama.


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Infinite inspiration with IP and mentor Sarah May Adetola ©Those Who Inspire


Infinite inspiration and exchanges during the mentoring sessions with IP Ibrahim Mahama ©Those Who Inspire


Pilar Carrasco, Co-Publisher Those Who Inspire Ghana, thanking UNFPA & Mr Niyi Ojuolape ©Those Who Inspire

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