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Dr Fawzi Al-Qatami

Craniofacial Orthodontist American Board of Orthodontics




DMD Henry M. Goldman

School of Dental Medicine

Boston University


Arabic, English


Dr Fawzi Al-Qatami’s career as a craniofacial orthodontist has been driven by his desire to change the lives of children born with cleft palate. From his hands-on work bringing cutting-edge techniques to Kuwait, to his efforts to raise awareness and spread his knowledge to other professionals in the region, he has devoted himself completely to this mission, unafraid of the long hours and challenges that come with it. His efforts are fuelled by a relentless persistence: “You have to get into a routine of really pushing yourself, working over hours, and not letting frustration deviate you from your goal.”

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I really, truly love my work. I think you know that you enjoy what you do when you don’t count the hours.

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