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Dr Sharifa Khalfan Al Yahyai

Independent Researcher in Women’s Studies




Ph.D. in Modern Literary Criticism

Dept. of Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies

University of Leeds, U.K. 1998-2001


English, Arabic


For Dr Sharifa Al Yahyai, one of Oman’s strongest advocates for women's rights, Omani women have almost limitless potential that can yield great things for Oman if given the chance. An acclaimed academic, one of the youngest Ministers in the nation’s history, and a devoted mother, Dr Al Yahyai is proof that Oman’s women are up to the challenge. Yet Omani society as a whole must also support greater integration of women by continuously strengthening the protection of equal rights and empowering girls at a young age to take control of their destinies. “You need to have the desire to change your life and make your own future,” she advises young Omani women. “As citizens, you have equal rights with men, but you have to work hard to safeguard these rights by practicing them.”

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Education is the only way to change your life. It’s not about having a degree; It’s about becoming aware of yourself and your rights as a human being.

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